Reviews of Woodworking Guides and Plans collection – TOP 5

Hello fellow Woodworker,

Here you can find my Top 5 list of the best woodworking guides and plans collection available on the internet right now.

A long time ago, woodcarving started as a simple hobby for me. It is now a true passion and a full time job. I read a lot of books, guides and ebooks on the subject and consult many plans and blueprints collections in the last few years. At some point, my friends asked me what was the best woodworking guidebook or plan collection, because the offer is huge on the internet. That’s how I started doing reviews. Over time, I added a couple more guides to my list. Then, I decided to share it online so everybody can find what they are looking for. I hope my reviews will be useful to you ! I will try to keep that list updated as often as I can.

I rank my favourite guide so it’s easy if you want to know quickly which one you should get, but I think you should choose according to your interest first. I did a Top 5 instead of a Top 10 because I only want to review the best. That’s why I think all of the guides listed here are worth a look. Here is the TOP 5 :


#5   how to build anything 

How to Build Anything

By Andy at


I don’t have much to say about this one but I still wanted to put it here. It’s a really good and cheap handbook you should get if you are new to woodworking. It covers the basics and give you some useful tips. There is no original plans included with this product.

Price : 15$
Visit Website – How to Build Anything





By John Metz


Woodworking4Home has a nice collection of 14,000 plans and projects so it should keep you busy for a while! Seriously, it’s always nice to have this amount of plan at your disposal because you know you will be able to find the exact project you are looking for. And if you just run out of idea, then this is the best way to find new exciting project.

Although there is all types of woodworking projects included in the package, the best one are the deck plan. I strongly recommend considering this guide if this is what you’re looking for.

Otherwise, the others projects are also well-designed but most of them require good skills in woodworking. If you are a beginner, make sure you are ready to put in efforts because most of the blueprints here are not easy. If you already have some woodworking experience you will be fine.

Price : 49$
Visit Website – Woodworking4Home


Wood Profits

By Jim Morgan


This one is a bit different than the usual plans collection. It focus more on how to start you own woodworking business from home. If you would like to use your free time to get some income by selling your craft, this should really help you. I wished I had a guide like this one to help me start and get my business going a few years ago. Lots of useful tips in there.

Of course this is better if you already have some skill in woodworking, otherwise you will need more time to get the same result. But I still think a beginner could make money by following this guide. The reason is that if you start a business then you will do the same craft over and over again. With time, you will get better and master the tools. This is why the amount of blueprints offered in the package is not huge (about 500). If you want more plans you should consider another guide. But like I said, you don’t need a thousand blueprints to run a successful woodworking business.

Price : 37$
Visit Website – WoodProfits


my shed


My Shed Plans

By Ryan Henderson


If you want to build a shed, that’s the plans collection I usually recommend. In this one you will find over 12,000 different plans of shed. Useless to say, you can find a shed of every size, style and for any purpose.

Technically, these blueprints are reliable and if you follow the instructions correctly you will have a strong and solid shed. You can feel the author have a nice experience and really knows what he’s doing. At first, I thought the results wouldn’t look so great since the shed are plain simple. Surprisingly, a great bunch of sheds are really nice looking. Still, some of them look awful, so you just have to choose carefully by looking at the pictures before starting a project.

Also as a beginner you won’t be able to do them all at first. It is normal, you have to start somewhere. But don’t worry as there is a large offer of easy shed plans anyone could build.

Price : 37$
Visit Website – My Shed Plans



by Ted McGrath


From my point of view, this is the best plans collection you can find right now. First, the amount of plans is enormous, about 16,000 plans. The offer of plans is really diversified : no matter what you want to build, it’s in there. It is also well distributed in term of skillset, so beginners and professional woodcarver can all find something at their level. What I like the most is the quality of the blueprints. By quality I mean the step by step instructions are nice, in-depth and easy to understand. The pictures are very sharp and help you through the process.

There is also some bonuses as a CAD software, videos, tips to start a woodworking business, etc.

The only thing is that compared to the other plans collection on my list, TedsWoodworking is a bit more expensive. So I guess it depends on what you want. If you are looking for a cheap guide, I have good ones listed above. But if you want to make an investment into a quality product, I recommend going with Ted McGrath.

Price : 67$
Visit Website – Teds Woodworking Plans


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